Sidney First Foundation

"Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works, and should give generously to those in need, always being ready to share with others whatever God has given them." - 1 Timothy 6:17-18

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21

The First United Methodist Foundation of Sidney was founded in 1987.

Their goal is to provide a legacy to support the mission, vision and ministries of Sidney First United Methodist Church.

The Foundation is funded by accepting designated endowed or non-endowed gifts, which may include restrictions on their use as stipulated by the giver. On an "endowed" gift, the returns generated by the investments are available for financial support of Sidney First. The principal value is intended to remain intact. "Non-endowed" gifts, generally allow for the principle and the investment returns to be available for financial support of Sidney First. Both can be restricted by the giver to limit the use of the funds and returns.

It is the responsibility of the Foundation Trustees to ensure that the gifts are used in accordance to the wishes of the giver. Several estate gifts as well as other gifts are currently being managed.

For example, just in the past year, the foundation has accepted and agreed to manage three very special gifts:

  • The Tar Hollow Trustees deposited into the Foundation, a bequest given to them from the Estate of Steve Weadock, faithful member of Sidney First, for support of the Tar Hollow Camp, a passion of his for many years. The income from his estate first helped support his mother until she passed, then was directed to support Tar Hollow, at Sidney First. The Foundation will ensure that Steve's gift will be used as he intended, while also managing the principle to produce the best possible returns.
  • Then Tim and Alison Martin, the parents of Ty, who died from a fall while on a Tijuana mission trip last fall, established the "Ty Austin Martin Memorial Mission Scholarship Fund" to help finance others to carry on what Ty loved doing, serving on the mission field. These are non-endowed funds, which means all the funds may be used as directed by the giver. Their goal is to award two scholarships of $250.00 each year in memory of Ty. An application process is required. The applications are available at the Church office. A yearly fund raiser called "Walking Taco" on Cinco DeMaio (May 5) is planned to keep money available. You may also contribute to this fund through the Foundation.
  • The third, also a non-endowed gift, was accepted from a couple who wish to remain anonymous. They gifted shares of a "mutual" fund and directed the proceeds be used to buy new hymnals (scheduled to be published in 2020) for Sidney First. The donors requested that $9,000 be set aside for cost of the hymnals and the balance be added to the restoration of the windows project. The bond was sold, per Foundation's policy; $9,000 was escrowed to cover the cost for the required number of hymnals in 2020; funds not needed will remain in the Music ministry account. $1,761.36 was added to the "window fund" as directed by the donors. Please note that "gifting" in this manner is just one of the many ways a gift can be "tax deductible". See the "Planning Strategies" in the "Planned Giving" brochure below for more information.

The Foundation is also "used" by the Church (Sidney First) to house other funds for safe keeping and growth until needed, such as the window restoration, the bus ministry, music, etc., and will partner with the Church in the upcoming 6:20 Capital Campaign.

Some of the Foundation's past activities include:

• Provide money to the General Fund.

• Provide funding for scholarships.

• Provide funding for capital improvements.

• Grants to Children's Ministry

• Grants for start-up ministries

• Sanctuary remodel – 2010

• Second Floor youth area remodel – 2011

• Replacement of steps to Sanctuary (2016)

Some ongoing activities include:

• Manage funding to help supplement mission trips

Provide ongoing funding for the Radio Ministry

Current Foundation Trustees (elected annually at Church Conference): Kent Witt, Jr., Chair ; Connie Lundsford, Treasurer ; Brent Clinehens; Chip Hix; David Chivington; Diane Alexander; Jana Potts; Jeff Shreves; Jeff Van Treese; Kent Craver; Mike Martin ; Phil Valentine ; Rich Wallace ; Scott Barr ; Shaun Zimpfer

Sidney First Vision Partners 
Vision Partners are people who have named Sidney First Foundation in their estate plan. Becoming a vision partner has no cost now: you just let the church know you will be leaving a gift in your will. Please note, your gift, as a Vision Partner, can also be Endowed or Non-endowed, with or without restrictions. Once a vision partner, you will be included in occasional special informational meetings. A special event is also held in May for Vision Partners and those that are interested in learning more about becoming a Vision Partner.


For more information about the foundation or leaving a gift to the church check out one of videos below or any of our brochures. You can contact the foundation Chairperson or a committee member by calling the church office. (937) 492-9136


Information about the Sidney FUMC Grant Applications

Grant applications must be completed and submitted between September 1 and October 31.